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  • DD11 Low carbon hot rolled thin steel plate

    DD11 is a kind of hot-rolled cold forming steel. This kind of steel could be classified into commercial quality, drawing quality, deep drawing quality, and extra-deep drawing quality by its intended application
  • BS EN10083-C60 high-quality carbon structural steel

    C60 hypoeutectoid steel, C60 high strength, hardness and flexibility , when the cold deformation plasticity is low, poor machinability, welding and hardenability is poor, water quenching have a tendency to crack, large parts by normalizing
  • BS EN10083-C55 high-quality carbon structural steel

    C55 commonly used after normalizing or quenching, C55 as to demand higher strength and wear resistance or flexibility, dynamic load and impact load of the small parts, such as gear, wheel rim, flat springs
  • BS EN10083-C50 high-quality carbon structural steel

    C50 medium carbon steel of high strength, low cold deformation plasticity, welding performance and hardenability is poor, but no temper brittleness, cutting performance is fair. Generally in normalizing or quenching and tempering
  • BS EN10083-C45 high-quality carbon structural steel

    C45 is a kind of high strength carbon steel, because of difference of hardenability, C45 generally used in normalized form and mechanical performance requirements is high, the conditioning treatment