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What is Stainless Steel?

Question :What is Stainless Steel?


Because this material contains a large amount of chromium and has good corrosion resistance, depending on the chromium (Cr) levels, preferably divided general steel and stainless steel, but the content of at least 10.5%. There is usually a stainless steel components nickel (Ni) and molybdenum (Mo), as well as manganese, copper, titanium, silicon and other alloying elements. The main structure of the austenite phase (16-26% chromium, 6-22% nickel); ferrite (10.5-28% chromium, nickel-free or low); martensite (carbon content than ferritic higher volume, 12-19% chromium, nickel-free or low); dual class austenitic / ferritic stainless steel (chromium> 21%, nickel <8%). Characteristics of non-magnetic austenitic steel, easy to shape, but in the process quickly hardens (mainly used in industry, heat exchangers, cutlery). Corrosion resistance of ferritic steels are relatively low, easy to shape, including magnetic (catering, construction, material handling). Martensitic steels containing magnetic, strength, easy processing (for medical equipment, shafts, fasteners). Dual class steel anti-collision and strong (phosphorus, heat exchangers).