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What is“Bill of lading”?

Question :What is“Bill of lading”?


It is a symbol of ownership for the seaborne trade in goods, the description of the quantity of goods and status, indicating the destination of the cargo documents and acts receipt of the goods. Lading (BL) by the carrier (captain or ship owner) to the cargo owner person or organization cargo transport (shipper) issued, provided the goods have been shipped to prove. The bill of lading described the status of goods deemed to be a controversial statement, because in practice and economy shipping carrier may not be practical to verify the exact status of each cargo clauses (if only the packaging, no other reason , this may avoid). However, if the number of arrival of goods and the inconsistent state and the bill of lading, the carrier needs to take responsibility for anything you do not match it, even in the bill of lading may be prepared by the shipper has a good case. Under normal circumstances, when the destination pickup, delivery people must produce the bill of lading.