shipbuilding steel plate

We also call shipbuilding steel as marine steel, Ocean steel, hull plates, offshore steel, Ocean engineering Steel, Marine engineering steel, offshore engineering steel. Shipbuilding steel can produced as There is several types of shipbuilding steel.

1.angle steel for shipbuilding. Material are: A,B, AH32 and AH36.
2.bulb flat steel. Material are :A,B, AH32 and AH36.
3.L shape steel bar for shipbuilding. Material are : A,B, AH32 and AH36.
4.Ordinary-strength shipbuilding steel . Material are A, B, E, D
5.high strength shipbuilding steel plate .Material are : AH32, AH36, AH40, DH32, DH36, DH40, EH32, EH36, EH40, FH32, FH36, FH40

6. extra-high strength shipbuilding steel plate. Material are : A420/AQ43/AH42/A43, D420/DQ43/DH42/D43, E420/EQ43/EH42/E43, F420/FQ43/FH42/F43, A460/AQ47/AH46/A47, D460/DQ47/DH46/D47,E460/EQ47/EH46/E47, F460/FQ47/FH46/F47, A500/AQ51/AH50/A51, D500/DQ51/DH50/D51, E500/EQ51/EH50/E51, F500/FQ51/FH50/F51, A550/AQ56/AH55/A56, D550/DQ56/DH55/D56, E550/EQ56/EH55/E56, F550/FQ56/FH55/F56, A620/AQ63/AH62/A63, D620/DQ63/DH62/D63, E620/EQ63/EH62/E63, F620/FQ63/FH62/F63, A690/AQ70/AH69/A70, D690/DQ70/DH69/D70, E690/EQ70/EH69/E70, F690/FQ70/FH69/F70

8. S355 series Ocean Engineering Structural steel plate. Material : S355G7M , S355G7N, S355G8M , S355G8N, S355G10M , S355G10N