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Electroplated tin (chromium) steel

Tinplate, commonly known as tinplate (SPTE), is a kind of cold-rolled steel plate coated with a thin layer of tin. It has certain strength and hardness, good formability and easy welding. The tin layer is non-toxic and tasteless, and its surface is bright. Tin mainly plays a role in preventing corrosion and rust. According to the production process, it is divided into hot-dip tinplate and electro tinplate. Tinplate is commonly used to make cans or beverage cans.


Black plate grade

Single reduced temper

Double reduced temper

ASTM A623/A623M

A623 Type D, A623 Type L, A623 Type MR

T-1(T49), T-2(T53), T-3(T57), T-4(T61),T-1, T-2, T-3(T57), T-4(T61) , T-5(T65)

DR-7.5, DR-8, DR-8.5, DR-9, DR-9.5

JIS G 3303


T-1, T-2, T-2.5, T-3, T-4, T-5

DR-8, DR-9, DR-9M, DR-10

EN 10202


TS230, TS245, TS260, TS275, TS290, TS550

TH415, TH435, TH520, TH550, TH580, TH620

ISO 11949

MR, L, D

T-1,T1.5, T-2, T-2.5, T-3, T3.5, T-4, T-5

DR-7M,  DR-8, DR-8M, DR-9, DR9M, DR10

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