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DX55D+AS Hot dip Aluminium-Silicon(AS) steel


Steel Grade: DX55D+AS special Deep Drawing quality,heat resistance up to 800 °C for cold forming
DX55D+AS Surface quality: As coated surface (A), Improved surface (B), Best quality surface(C)
DX55D+AS Coated alloy: 92%-89% Al + 8%-11% Si
DX55D+AS Surface treatment: C,O,CO,U,P, PO, S
DX55D+AS Coating masses: AS60, AS80, AS100, AS120, AS150

DX55D+AS steel chemical composition % by mass max

Grade Material No. C Si Mn P S Ti
DX55D+AS 1.0309 0.12 0.50 0.60 0.10 0.045 0.30

DX55D+AS steel Mechanical properties
Grade Material No. Yield Strength MPa Tensile strength MPa Elongation A80 min %
DX55D+AS 1.0309 240 Max 370 Max 32

JOIN-WIN STEEL have more than 2000 tons DX55D+AS steel stock source each month. We can meet our customer's most of quantity and technical request. Based on these stock source, our advantage industry spread into steel process like : cutting(on width and length), drawing, repacking, and so on.

Other steel grades of Hot dip Aluminium-Silicon (AS) steel for cold forming in EN10346 Standard:
DX51D+AS hot-dip Aluminized , Aluminium-Silicon (AS) steel ,
DX52D+AS hot-dip Aluminized , Aluminium-Silicon (AS) steel ,
DX53D+AS hot-dip Aluminized , Aluminium-Silicon (AS) steel,
DX54D+AS hot-dip Aluminized , Aluminium-Silicon (AS) steel,
DX56D+AS hot-dip Aluminized , Aluminium-Silicon (AS) steel,
DX57D+AS hot-dip Aluminized , Aluminium-Silicon (AS) steel

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