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SA1E Hot dip Aluminium-Silicon(AS) steel


teel Grade: SA1E Heat resistant Deep Drawing quality
SA1E Surface quality: As coated surface (A), Improved surface (B), Best quality surface(C)
SA1E Coated alloy: 92%-89% Al + 8%-11% Si
SA1E Surface treatment: C,M,O,X
SA1E Applicable size: 0.4mm-2.5mm
SA1E Coating masses: AS40, AS60, AS80, AS100, AS120

SA1E Chemical composition

C max Mn max P max S max
0.10 0.45 0.03 0.03

SA1E Mechanical properties
Grade Elongation % (min)
0.3mm- ≤0.4mm 0.4mm-≤0.6mm 0.6mm-≤1.0mm Above 1.0mm
SA1E - 34 36 38

JOIN-WIN STEEL have more than 2000 tons SA1E steel stock source each month. We can meet our customer's most of quantity and technical request. Based on these stock source, our advantage industry spread into steel process like : cutting(on width and length), drawing, repacking, and so on.

Other steel grades of Hot dip Aluminium-Silicon (AS) steel JIS G3314 Standard
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SA1D hot-dip Aluminized , Aluminium-Silicon (AS) steel,
SA1F hot-dip Aluminized , Aluminium-Silicon (AS) steel,
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