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Steel used for spring


Spring steel bar products adopt advanced steelmaking technology, strict heating system and reasonable controlled rolling and controlled cooling technology. The products have uniform chemical composition and microstructure, excellent mechanical properties and good surface quality. The spring steel bar produced is widely used in the production of automobile suspension springs, motorcycle suspension springs, motorcycle valve springs, hot work mold shaped springs, mechanical springs, spring washers, chain rollers, hexagon socket tools and other products.

JOIN-WIN STEEL mainly supply the round steel bar,steel wire rod and steel plates for spring production as below:
Meanwhile, wire rod size is 5.5~23, round bar size is 12-200mm,and plate size is 6-150mm



38Si7, 46Si7, 56Si7, 55Cr3, 60Cr3, 54SiCr6, 56SiCr7, 61SiCr7, 51CrV4, 45SiCrV6-2, 54SiCrV6, 60SiCrV7, 46SiCrMo6, 50SiCrMo6, 52SiCrNi5, 52CrMoV4, 60CrMo3-1, 60CrMo3-2, 60CrMo3-3,


SUP6, SUP7, SUP9, SUP9A, SUP10, SUP11A, SUP12, SUP13,

JIS G 4801

SAE 9254, SAE 9260,

ASTM A510/A510M

51CrV4, 52CrMoV4, 55Cr3, 55SiCr6-3, 56SiCr7,56Si7, 60Cr3, 60CrMo3-1, 60CrMo3-3, 61SiCr7

ISO 683-14

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