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Shipbuilding steel plates/sheet

Hull steel is the steel used for building ships, and it is the main material for building modern ships. It is processed into various shapes and made into various steel sections to increase the strength and rigidity of the ship structure, increase the stability of the ship, and make it possible to obtain greater structural strength with smaller size, so as to reduce the consumption of steel, save the cost of ship construction, reduce the weight of the ship and increase the carrying capacity.

The size range of shipbuilding and offshore steel plates we can supply is : T: 5-150mm, W: 900-4800mm, L:3000-25000mm.


The grade of shipbuilding and offshore steel plates we can supply are:




Ordinary-strength shipbuilding steel 

A, B, E, D


high strength shipbuilding steel plate 

AH32, AH36, AH40, DH32, DH36, DH40, EH32,
EH36, EH40, FH32, FH36, FH40

extra-high strength shipbuilding steel plate.

A420/AQ43/AH42/A43, D420/DQ43/DH42/D43,
E420/EQ43/EH42/E43, F420/FQ43/FH42/F43,
A460/AQ47/AH46/A47, D460/DQ47/DH46/D47,E460/EQ47/EH46/E47,
F460/FQ47/FH46/F47, A500/AQ51/AH50/A51,
D500/DQ51/DH50/D51, E500/EQ51/EH50/E51, F500/FQ51/FH50/F51,
A550/AQ56/AH55/A56, D550/DQ56/DH55/D56,
E550/EQ56/EH55/E56, F550/FQ56/FH55/F56, A620/AQ63/AH62/A63,
D620/DQ63/DH62/D63, E620/EQ63/EH62/E63,
F620/FQ63/FH62/F63, A690/AQ70/AH69/A70, D690/DQ70/DH69/D70,
E690/EQ70/EH69/E70, F690/FQ70/FH69/F70

Ocean Engineering Structural steel plate

S355G7M , S355G7N, S355G8M , S355G8N, S355G10M , S355G10N

API Ocean structural plate

2HGr42,2HGr50,2WGr50,2WGr60,2YGr50, 2YGr60

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