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Brazil Steel Import Quota Update Wire Used 24.8%


The Brazilian State Administration for Foreign Trade (SECEX) has updated the quotas allowed for steel products to be imported under the current import tax rate.

Among them, the total quota for rolled boards is 7964 tons, which has been used by 3.81%; The total quota of hot-rolled coil SPFC390 steel (HRC) is 54030 tons, which has been used by 23.3%; The total quota for cold-rolled sheet and coil (CRC) is 100600 tons, which has been used by 15.5%; The total quota for wire is 53000 tons, which has been used by 24.8%; The total quota for welded pipes is 1000 tons, which has been used by 4.5%.

The usage period of the above quota is from June 1 to September 30, 2024. After the quota is exhausted, subsequent imports will be subject to a 25% import tax, and the current average tax rate is 12%. Brazilian SPFC390 steel authorities have stated that the quota and 25% import tax are set to cope with low-priced dumping imports. Based on the current import speed, it is expected that the higher import tax will only take effect in the fourth quarter SPFC390 steel.

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