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Stable, Moderate, and Slightly Decreasing Domestic Hot Springs in Europe, Strong Advantages of Asian Imported Hot Springs


The current market in Europe SPFC440 steel is still showing a weak trend, with lower than expected downstream order volumes. Coupled with August being the traditional off-season, there are still doubts in the market about the further upward momentum of prices. Currently, the domestic hot coil prices in Europe are around 640 euros/ton -650 euros/ton EXW (687 US dollars/ton -698 US dollars/ton), with a decrease of about 3 euros/month on month (MoM) and a decrease of about 5 euros/ton. Actual transactions may decrease by 10 euros/ton.

In terms of import market, the current price of hot coils exported from Taiwan, China to Europe is 610 euros/ton CFR Italy, but the price on that day is still high for the whole market. At present, the competitiveness of the Asian SPFC440 steel hot coil market is relatively high. If the quotation is between 550 and 560 euros/ton CFR (590 dollars/ton -602 dollars/ton), it is very competitive. However, it is still difficult to reach this quotation, and the market is not active at present. It is reported that Ukraine offers a price of 580 euros per ton. The Türkiye SPFC440 steel market even quoted a price of 640 Euros/ton CFR, which shows that the transaction is not feasible.

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