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Tang Steel’s European Standard High Strength Structural Steel Assists in the Construction of Key Photovoltaic Projects in Saudi Arabia


Recently, the latest batch of 500 ton European standard high-strength structural steel S355JR arrived at the the Belt and Road

Saudi Arabia, the appearance quality and performance of the product fully meet customer needs and will be used for the construction of key photovoltaic HX380LAD+AZ steel projects in the country in the future.

HX380LAD+AZ steel is a European standard low alloy high-strength structural steel with excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, as well as good processing performance and stability. With the continuous development of industries such as photovoltaics, construction, bridges, and ships, the market demand for this steel grade is constantly increasing.

Aiming at the needs of the the Belt and Road construction, Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. gave full play to the advantages of integration of production, marketing, research and application, transferred key members from marketing, technology, production and other departments to form a special research team, deeply connected with customers' personalized needs, and understood customers' special requirements in terms of mechanical properties, welding properties and other aspects in detail; Optimize the alloy composition ratio, fully provide leading material solutions, refine the quality control points of each process of HX380LAD+AZ steel making and rolling, and deeply integrate customer needs with production lines. During the production process, Tangshan Iron and Steel staff designed the best process route, re formulated the coiling temperature, improved the temperature control accuracy of the strip head, improved the pressure setting automatic compensation program based on the tonnage of the pinch roller, and ensured that the product strength, toughness, corrosion resistance and other indicators meet customer HX380LAD+AZ steel needs.

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